Portraits of independence #1 : Lloyd2 min read

Portraits of independence #1 : Lloyd2 min read

« Portraits of independence » will feature various short portraits of people fighting for the independence of Wales. It’s time to have a voice and make it strong and proud !

Today, for our first article, we contacted Lloyd (click here to check out his Twitter), who, among many other activities, shares graphs and holds a website, allowing people to closely follow the evolution of the Coronavirus in Wales !

This interview was conducted on March, 19.

Hi Lloyd, would you like to introduce yourself in a few words ?

I’m Lloyd, I’m 16 and I’m a Welsh Independence campaigner from Aberystwyth.

You’ve been “successful”, if I can say so, thanks to your graphs that allow people to actively monitor coronavirus in Wales. Why did you start doing them ?

I started making them because, firstly, I’ve always been very interested in statistics, graphs and maps, and secondly, because the information being published was far too complicated for many people to understand.

Do you want to explain to us concretely how you do them ?

The updates are on PowerPoint slides. Every day, I keep up to date with Public Health Wales and as soon as the numbers come out, I fill the table. The map is made on Microsoft Paint.

A broader question : we can read on your Twitter that you are “campaigner for Welsh independence”, what motivates your choice towards independence and your affiliation with YesCymru ?

Quite simply, Westminster doesn’t work for Wales. We’ve been let down, refused money, kept poor and been treated with contempt by them for centuries.

Anything more to say ?

I’ll leave you with this line. If you really believe in something, don’t be ashamed of it. Promote it and fight for it, otherwise you won’t get your cause anywhere.

Indy French would like to thank Lloyd for the interview but also all the people who take part in our interviews, who help to write articles and of course our readers : without you, Indy French would be nothing !

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