Portraits of independence #3 : République Cymru3 min read

Portraits of independence #3 : République Cymru3 min read

« Portraits of independence » will feature various portraits of people fighting for the independence of Wales. It’s time to have a voice and make it strong and proud !

For this third episode, we got in touch with Ryan (click here to check out his Twitter), who is the founder of République Cymru !

This interview was conducted on April, 12.

Hello , could you briefly introduce yourself ?

Hi, my name is Ryan & I am the founder and currently run République Cymru.

What is République Cymru ? What is its aim ?

République Cymru is one piece of an ever growing community of those that seek to achieve independence from the British state and what it represents. Its aim is to promote the positive and confident message that Wales can be independent.

Why such a name?

I chose République Cymru mainly because I am a Welsh Republican. But why République ?

Well when coming up with the idea of this platform, it was something I felt needed to stand out and the idea of the French Republic was one that was very evocative of what I had wanted to portray. I believe in a Welsh Republic that answers to the people of Wales. Plus it sounds better than Republic Cymru or Republic Wales. So there’s that I guess.

What do you think your role is in the independence movement ? As a person but also as République Cymru ?

They aren’t mutually exclusive to me. I feel as important as the next person in this movement because each and every person has something to offer. As someone that is more left in his political beliefs, I would say that République also leans that way, albeit I try to appeal across the spectrum and find myself capable of criticising even those on the same platform as where I find myself.

République stands somewhere different to other Welsh independence groups I guess by favouring Republicanism for Wales, not just independence. But to be honest that wouldn’t even have been the case without the existence of my peers in YesCymru, Undod and All Under One Banner. Each group specifically has their own mission statement for what they wish to achieve but the endgame has always been achieving independence.

Alongside Welsh or Scottish independence movements, more and more movements such as “Abolish Westminster” are emerging. What do you think of these ?

It shows that there is a clear appetite for change in both countries. Given the ever increasing ineptitude of the British government and lack of a strong and proper opposition to it, people are more open to an alternative way of looking at how our country should be governed. 

For a long time we’re looked to London for a lot of answers because we had no representation or when we had it we’ve not moved much perhaps of complacency and just trying to preserve the status quo of things. The recent Covid-19 pandemic and how Wales has now had to react to it has shown that we are doing things differently now to London because we have been overruled on several important factors.

It’s not necessarily the entry point many in the independence movement would want people to gain new supporters because of but it has perhaps given more people an eye opener on our “relationships” with Westminster and how they regard us as an afterthought.

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