Sounds of tomorrow #1 – Palm Paradise6 min read

Sounds of tomorrow #1 – Palm Paradise6 min read

In Sounds of tomorrow, we will meet and interview new-coming and young artists (rappers, rockers, beatmakers, producers etc.) to discover what the life of a music lover who has not yet experienced success is like and how he/she exercises his/her passion.

This is our first episode of a brand new concept, if it works fine, it’ll get more episodes! For our first shot, we have the honor to interview Palm Paradise, who will tell us about his daily life and his passion for music!

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Hi Palm, would you like to introduce yourself? How did you came to music?

Hey guys what’s up? It’s Palm, I started doing music about 2 years ago just because I realized it was my real passion. I tried doing other things in my life before but none of them really brought me any joy, only music.

What’s the reason behind your name “Palm Paradise”?

So I’m originally from Florida. Back in Florida when I started growing my hair long my friends started calling me Palm and I liked it so I just went with it. I also had a clothing brand there when I was like 16 with my friend called A Fools Paradise. So I just combined the 2 and came up with Palm Paradise. Also being raised in a tropical environment, I get mad anxiety whenever I’m not around Palm Trees.

Who do you listen to? What are artists you draw inspiration from?

I listen to a lot of artists in a wide different range lol. Currently I’ve been listening to a lot of Eli Sostre, that guys fire the way he makes his voice sound is insane. I’m also a pretty avid listener of this artist named NoCap, he’s locked up right now so free him. Their hasn’t been a artist in a long time make me feel as much as him, it’s hard to explain but you can feel his realness through the sound waves. I draw inspiration from every single thing I listen to.

How do you feel about nowadays rap scene?

It’s okay, it’s not really exciting right now though. I feel like there needs to be a shift soon.

Do you believe making music impacts your tastes?

Yeah definitely, not to put myself above anyone but since I make music, I feel like I listen and can hear more things. I listen to what sounds I like in the production. I listen out for the melody structures. I listen to how the background vocals and ad libs are being mixed. Different things.

In terms of sound, where do you feel at right now?

Still early on, people tell me I have a pretty distinct sound but I feel like I got a long ways to go, a lot more music to make and release too before I really have my “sound.”

How do you see yourself in a few years?

I try to not think about the future too much since it’s not promised. I’d like to be fairly successful, I’d like to have had a pretty good impact on the world in a positive way, I’d like to be pretty comfortable financially.

When you make music, how do you proceed : is that a feeling you bump into or more of a meticulous process? What do you want to convey when making a song?

So I start by hearing the beat first. After if I like it, I just start belting a melody out, after the melody is out I just fill it with words that I’m feeling. It’s all a very natural process, I find that the easier it flows the better the end product will be. I want to convey just honest emotion through my music. I never want to sound like anybody or anything I’m not.

What keeps you into music? In Sounds of tomorrow, we’re all about artists that are still underground, do you think it’s easy to be motivated in song making while being underground?

What keeps me in my music is just willpower. I recognize this is what I wanna do so I’m not going to change course. And no it’s not easy whatsoever, it’s hard, one of the hardest things in life probably. People don’t believe in you when you’re still small, you have no money, there’s a lot of doubt and hate. You have to really love this and stay focused to get past it all.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite song of yours : True Feelings. How did you meet with Papi? How was it like to make this song?

Thank you I’m glad you like the song. I met papi through a past mutual person we knew. We’re just friends really, we work pretty closely together. That day when we made the track me and papi were in the studio with our producer menezing. I was sick as hell I think I had the flu or something, but yeah we just made the beat, and I did the hook pretty quick, papi did his verse then I did a second verse, the rest is history.

Do you consider making other featurings with Papi or another musician in a near future?

Yeah definitely, me and papi got more songs together to release. We have this song called Juggle. I think is gonna change the world.

What’s the song your prefer from yourself?

I think Undo probably, just my life felt really good around the Yellow World time. That period really warmed my heart

Would you like to say anything more before concluding?

Thanks for this interview man. I really hope the best for you. Don’t count me out.

Sounds of tomorrow is just getting started and we’ve got lots of ideas, so if you like it, feel free to share and drop comments below the tweets! Shoutout Palm who answered the questions quickly and kindly.

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